Dear Burrell Students, Families, Staff, and Community,


At Charles A. Huston Middle School, our focus is on learning and growth for all students.  We believe in a student-centered approach to education that focuses on meeting the unique needs and talents of each child.  Our mission is to empower students to Learn, Create, Lead, & Succeed.  Together, we will enhance our current systems and programs by implementing exciting real-world opportunities that promote our students' academic, social, emotional, and physical growth.  We encourage students to explore, take chances, and learn from their mistakes so that they may grow as individuals.  Middle school is a time in which students develop socially, emotionally, and physically through various experiences and a variety of course offerings. The Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards will be our guide as we increase rigor and enhance student learning through a collaborative culture.  Content knowledge and skills are not merely covered, but deeply ingrained through experiential learning that promotes critical thinking and problem solving.  All students are expected to bring forth genuine effort and seek out challenges so that we may grow as learners.  

We will work as a team to provide a safe, supportive, and motivating learning environment for the students, staff, and families of Burrell.  We encourage you to become an active participant in our school and invite you to join us in celebrating our students!  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have.  Thank you for supporting the Burrell community!


Mr. Brian Ferra

Mrs. Autumn Turk
Assistant Principal