The district engages in identification procedures to ensure that eligible students receive an appropriate educational program consisting of special education and related services, individualized to meet student needs.  At no cost to the parents, these services are provided in compliance with state and federal law and are reasonably calculated to yield meaningful educational benefit and student progress. To identify students who may be eligible for special education, various screening activities are conducted on an on-going basis. These screening activities include review of group-based data (cumulative records, enrollment records, health records, report cards, ability and achievement test scores): hearing, vision, physical and speech/language screening; and review by a building-level team. When screening results suggest that the student might be exceptional, the district seeks parental consent to conduct a multidisciplinary evaluation at any time through a written request to the school principal. The district will provide a form letter for a parent to request to the school an evaluation.  Services designed to meet the needs of exceptional students include the annual development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP), biennial or triennial multidisciplinary reevaluation, supportive intervention in the regular class, supplemental intervention in the regular class or in a special education program, placement in a part-time or full-time special education class in a regular school, or placement in a full-time special education class at a location other than the regular school. The extent of special education services and the location for the delivery of such services are determined by the IEP team and are based on the student's identified needs and abilities, chronological age, and the level of intensity of the special intervention. The district also provides related services, such as transportation, physical therapy, speech and language, hearing therapy, vision therapy, and occupational therapy, required for the student to benefit from the special education program. Parents may obtain information regarding special education services and programs and parental due process rights by contacting the child's school principal or the District LEA, Dr. Gregory Egnor, at 724-334-1483, extension 5004.

The district routinely conducts health screening for kindergarten (K) through 12th grade students: Vision (K-12); Hearing (K, 1, 2, 3, 7, 11); Height / Weight (K-12); Mandated Physical Exams (K, 6, 11) and Sports Physicals (7-12); Dental Screening (K, 3, 7,); Scoliosis Screening (6, 7).

Speech and language skills are screened in kindergarten and on a referral basis by the district speech therapist.